UNICO 370 Features

  • 94 rocker tabs
  • 3 Deluxe Tracker Touch Keyboards
  • 32 Note AGO Radiating Concave Pedalboard
  • Matching wood kneeboard with a purposely omitted internal sound system for a truly finished organ look
  • Driven by Physis® for complete customizability to make this Your Organ. Your Sound™
  • Hundreds of Voices Internally
  • Over 1100 Voices Available in Physis® Library
  • Orchestral Voice Library for Contemporary and Blended Music Worship
  • True Room and Room Humidity Modeling
  • Pipe Organ Windchest Simulation
  • Multi-Channel External Sound System Recommended for Churches and Institutions
  • NOTE: All North American Models Come Standard with Radiating Concave Pedalboard

UNICO 370 Conveniences

  • Swell Expression Pedal
  • Choir Expression Pedal
  • Crescendo Pedal
  • 12 General Pistons
  • 6 Divisional Pistons for Each Division (Great/Swell/Pedal)
  • 16 On-Board Capture Action Memory Banks and Unlimited Memory Banks with Flash Drive
  • 6 reversible coupler pistons (Gt/P Sw/P Ch/P Sw/Gt Ch/Gt Sw/Ch)
  • Complete array of sub and super couplers in elegant rocker tabs for a truly American Sound
  • 22 toe studs inc pedal divisionals, generals, tutti, and 32ft Bourdon and Bombarde Reversible
  • +/- Memory Bank Pistons
  • Auto pedal and Gt/Ped enclosed pistons
  • Keyboard Inversion and Transposer
  • Customizable Tremulants

UNICO UNICO 370 American Deluxe Voicing

The UNICO 370 comes loaded with the quintessential hymn singing organ sound of the early 20th Century.  An American Classic, American Contemporary, English, Baroque, and French Romantic are also available through the installing dealer. And of course, with Physis® Technology, you have an unlimited number of customizable organs using any voice in the entire universal library, making your next Viscount, Your Organ. Your Sound™.

Click Link Below for a Downloadable PDF of the physical factory stoplist.

UNICO 370 American Deluxe Stoplist

UNICO 370 Dimensions

  • (W) 63.77″ x (H) 50″ x (D) 43.70″ with pedalboard

UNICO 370 Audio Packages

  • Custom External audio system with maximum capacity up to 28 independent channels and over 50 individual speaker cabinets in a bi-polar arrangement to achieve the pinnacle of organ sound
  • Optional Internal audio system including 5 internal speakers, 2 x 60 watt and 1 x 100 watt internal amplifiers across 4 channels including dedicated subwoofer
  • Stop by stop selection of simulated wind chest layout
  • Stop by stop and divisional adjustment of volume
  • Stop by stop adjustment of 6 voicing parameters
  • 5 band graphic equalization for Internal Sound System
  • Separate high-end customizable DSP (digital signal processing) for every channel of independent external audio
  • Fully adjustable room modeling with live acoustic selection and ultra performance reverberation
  • Stereo headphone output
  • Plus many other features exclusive to Viscount’s patented Physis® Physical Modeling Technology

UNICO 370 Brochure