Washington Nationals Baseball Stadium Organ

Washington Nationals Baseball Stadium OrganIt’s not just another day at the office for Nat’s Organist, Matthew Van Hoose.  Prior to the new Viscount Organ being installed, he had been relegated to playing on a keyboard.  After consulting with several organ manufacturers, it was determined the best fit would be a new custom organ from Viscount North America. The stadium exec’s were looking for anything but old-fashioned, except when it came to sound.  Many pipe and electronic organs have been used throughout the years at baseball stadiums.  However, they wanted it all in one slick and modern looking console.

Washington Nationals Stadium OrganThe beauty of Physis® Physical Modeling Technology is that Viscount can literally recreate any sound. This includes, of course, real pipe organs, but also other electronic vintage analog organs, and even drawbar organs from ‘back in the day’, many of which we now associate with that warm and fuzzy feeling we get at the ballpark and other community gathering centers.  This organ is chocked full of voices that replicate just about any organ of this kind throughout the past 70 years or so.  It’s why we say Viscount is truly ‘Your Organ. Your Sound™’, even if they’re sounds most pipe organ purists consider a novelty.  This is precisely what the Nat’s wanted, and Viscount gave it to them.

An insane number of alternative voices are possible since Viscount integrated the Roland Integra System.  Yes, that’s right. Viscount has utilized this technology to power additional alternative voices in the Nat’s custom organ.  You do the math. Over 400 custom organ voices on board powered by Viscount’s state of the art Physis® Physical Modeling Technology + the best Roland™ sampled orchestral and alternative voices there are + iPad voice selection capabilities = Not your grandpappy’s theatre/cinema/ballpark organ.

Thanks to the Washington Post for covering this story! They did a phenomenal job. Please note that the organ is only played into the stadium sound system. For the purposes of the WaPo article, they hooked up a little ill-advised computer speaker in the room to get audio…Whoops!  hear what this thing can do for real, go to the next Nat’s Game for the real deal full effect! Or just watch ESPN…We’ve suddenly become baseball fanatics! Click here for the article.

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