Each year, Music Trades, the music industry’s leading insider publication, ranks the top 225 largest musical merchandise manufacturers in the world, by revenue. We are happy to announce that Viscount has officially made it to the top of the list among all other organ manufacturers.  Viscount Number 1This jump in ranking was due in part to our continuing increase in United States sales of our Physis® Technology driven organs. It’s one thing for an organ manufacturer to say they’re the largest.  It’s another to see it verified independently by a third party.  For the full report, click on the Music Trades listing. Viscount is #153 on the list.  Only two other organ manufacturers made it on the list.  One you can see on the same page, below us.  The other you will find farther down the list on another page. Note that this is the first time since the creation of the list that another specific organ manufacturer did not top it.  We directly credit our state of the art Physis® technology, console build quality, and service focused dealer network with this change in ranking.  We thank all of our Viscount customers here in the United States, Canada, and abroad for our continuously growing global market share.

If you, or your church are considering a new organ or hybrid organ, we ask that you consider Viscount.  Marketing talk is nothing more than talk. But it’s difficult to ignore our growing presence and sales figures in black and white. Contact your local dealer today to see what’s so special about Viscount Organs with Physis® Technology.