1. For these reasons, I find Physis technology to be truly grand in what it can do.

    Christmastide 2016 Dear Beloved in Christ Jesus, Early in 2015, this faith community embarked on a remarkable journey to rebuild an aging and tonally inadequate Austin Pipe Organ. Built in the late 19th century, our sanctuary is replete with historical significance, but it is not a museum. It is an active and outwardly-focused congregation in the heart of Olde Towne Portsmouth, Virginia, where div…Read More

    Christopher Rusk
  2. Magnificent…

    Dear Mr. Dove, Thank you for the magnificent installation of the [Viscount] organ.  It is all quite grand. It will be a showpiece for the organist guild when they come to visit in September. Paul F. Fisk St. John the Baptist Episcopal Church Ivy, VA…Read More

    Paul Fisk
  3. The sound filled Austin Heights [Baptist Church] from floor to rafter!

    September 12, 2016 To Whom It May Concern: Three months ago, Austin Heights Baptist Church was pleased to enter into a contract with Mr. Ken Mowell , Viscount Organs of Texas, to purchase a SONUS 245 Viscount organ. Our agreement was the happy culmination of months of research which began after our aging [Brand Omitted] Organ ceased to function. Mr. Mowell 's presentations to our search committee,…Read More

    Judy Patch
  4. A big thank you…

    Dear Mr. Altenburg: Thank you so much for the wonderful Viscount organ you sold to us. Eddie enjoys playing it every day. We appreciate your support, and hope the best to you! Regards, Eddie and family…Read More

    Eddie - NYC
  5. I thought those were pipes…

    Had an incredible visit by a top-tier pipe organ player to look/hear some of our current digital work. We were told several times- “I thought those were pipes!” Viscount has changed the game.…Read More

    Dan Hatter, President - Hatter's Church Organs