Velvety, rich, warm, and clear!

I wanted to drop a note to say how pleased I am with the custom voicing on the Sharon Chapel organ. I haven’t yet really begun to rethink registrations or gotten too deeply reacquainted with the instrument, but yesterday the organ sounded majestic and magical and magnificent. Velvety, rich, warm, and clear. The congregation did not know that the voicing activities took place last week; yet, interestingly, SO MANY commented at the coffee hour after church yesterday that the music was spectacular. Most significantly, I am observing more and more within the congregation actually making an effort to open the hymnal and at least try to join in the singing. 

When I asked the complimenters what was different, they couldn’t name anything specific…the common thread was that it just feels so good and so right for our needs and style of liturgy. Our rector came to organ console at the end of yesterday’s service and asked: “Can we do it all over again – exactly like that?”

I hope the Whitesel/Viscount team knows that you hit it soooo far out of the park on this one. Sharon Chapel will enjoy stunning music for decades to come, and I feel we’ve made great new friends in the process.

So…thank you and big accolades on behalf of everyone at All Saints Episcopal Church – Sharon Chapel!

Darrell Rison

Minister for Liturgy and Music

All Saints Episcopal Church – Sharon Chapel, Alexandria, VA

Darrell R