The sound filled Austin Heights [Baptist Church] from floor to rafter!

September 12, 2016

To Whom It May Concern:

Three months ago, Austin Heights Baptist Church was pleased to enter into a contract with Mr. Ken Mowell , Viscount Organs of Texas, to purchase a SONUS 245 Viscount organ. Our agreement was the happy culmination of months of research which began after our aging [Brand Omitted] Organ ceased to function.

Mr. Mowell ‘s presentations to our search committee, of which I was the chair, personified what we have already come to know as the essence of the fine instrument that is our new organ (and its manufacturer): professional integrity, quality, attention to detail, the latest in technology, fair pricing, and customer care embodied by a personal, in-person, commitment from contract to first concert and beyond -yesterday afternoon Ken traveled many miles to join a fine array of local organists as we celebrated the installation of our new organ. The sound of incredibly beautiful music filled Austin Heights from floor to rafter! Today we are meeting at the church for any fine-tuning that may be necessary as the organ continues to adjust to its new home -all at no extra charge to us.

All concerns – among them quality, warranty, cost -raised by our congregation were addressed to our complete satisfaction, and covered by our contract. Our church’s responsibilities proved to be minor, e.g., removing and reinstalling panels relative to the installation of new speakers. Ken and crew executed the removal of the existing organ and delivery and installation of the new organ (including amplifier and new, top­ of-the-line speakers) quickly and professionally, with no disruption to church activities. After the wiring and all other adjustments were completed, the workplace (chancel) area was left in an immaculate condition. Ken then voiced our SONUS 245 specifically for our sanctuary, spending many hours fine-tuning it to suit our church’s needs. When the initial voicing was complete, instead of just dropping off the manual, he followed through on his standard policy of offering as much instruction as needed to our organist so that she could familiarize herself quickly and easily with this splendid instrument.

We cannot recommend Mr. Mowell’s services and the Viscount organ highly enough. We hoped to find an instrument that we could afford, but one that, when asked, could sound like a pipe organ, and we have surely found that and more -a technician who is a fine organist himself, who cares about his clients, honors his craft, and will stand by the decade-long written warranty offered.
We will be happy to answer any questions you may have about Mr. Ken Mowell and the Viscount Organ.


Judy Patch

Chair, Music and Worship Committee


2806 Appleby Sand Road
Nacogdoches, TX 75965

Judy Patch