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Physis® Technology

Physis® uses state of the art physical modeling to not only create the sound of thousands of pipes, but also how they interact physically with one another in real-time, as you play; just as they would in a real windblown pipe organ.

What is Physical Modeling?

A cartoon is a sampled representation, or a ‘copy’: It is one-dimensional, and each picture doesn’t tell an entire story by itself, and so must have many pictures to make up a story. This cartoon is only a recording or ‘sample’ of one singular moment in time. While this picture helps you determine some basic characteristics, it doesn’t tell you all the complexities of what the person drawing the image saw first hand. In the same way, so are digital organs without Physis® technology. The sound is one-dimensional, a representation of the real thing.

This picture has been physically rendered with the use of computer software, giving it a life-like and three-dimensional feel, though this is still a physically modeled representation. With this image, you know much more about the physical characteristics of the building and its surroundings. It’s still not the same as being there in the flesh, but this physically modeled picture is much closer than a mere copy with higher resolution and realistic colors. The quality of sound of Viscount organs with Physis® are like this fully rendered, high-resolution picture: Capable of expressing the nuances of a real pipe organ. And this resolution is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the capabilities of Viscount’s Physis® technology for our digital organs.

Applying Physical Modeling to the Characteristics of a Pipe.

A Sampled Sound Soundwave

A Physis® Technology & Real Windblown Pipe Soundwave