1. Reasons to Play the Organ

    Have you ever considered playing the organ? Why haven’t you? What’s holding you back? Have you always thought of the organ as a “churchy” instrument? Regardless of what your opinion of the organ is, we at Viscount, highly suggest you learn more about this amazing instrument and how to play it! But, why learn to play the organ? Part of a Tradition When we make Viscount organs, we realize th…Read More

  2. Play Your Viscount Organ Like A Pro: Practice Like One

    Many want to be great at something, but don’t always know how to get there or don’t want to put in the needed effort. Playing your Viscount organ well is a process of self-discipline, dedication, and enjoyment. Here are some tips for practicing your Viscount organ like a pro: Practice Tips for Your Viscount Organ Practice Everyday To not only get good at something, but to be exceptional at som…Read More

  3. North American Viscount Dealers: Just a Phone Call Away

    Finding your nearest Viscount organ dealer in North America is easy.  Simply visit our Find a Dealer page and enter your zip code.  If you are in an area of North America without local coverage on the map, give us a call directly. We have many associates throughout the continent who are our brand ambassadors for our Viscount organs. These individuals are authorized to represent and sell our prod…Read More

  4. Mondaino: Our Home

    Viscount organs and electrical instruments have been praised for their quality and craftsmanship, a fact we owe entirely to our home in the comune (municipality) of Mondaino, Italy. While many church and digital organs have long been made in Eastern Europe for lower labor costs, it is our pride that Viscount’s facilities are not located in grey and anonymous suburbs or in a nondescript industria…Read More

  5. Welcome to Our Blog!

    Hello, and welcome to the all-new blog for Viscount Organs North America. We are proud to bring the very best in technological innovation for a wide array of musical instruments, including classical electric and digital organs. As we begin our official launch of US product lines, we could not be more excited to share our family’s rich, 100 year history and knowledge acquired producing church and…Read More