1. The Longest Organ Piece Ever Performed

    Without a doubt, Bach’s “Toccata and Fugue in D minor” is probably the most famous organ piece ever written. It’s used in TV, movies, and more. But many people have only heard the iconic opening lines of the song. Few realize that the piece is nearly nine minutes long. Organ pieces and organ concertos can last up to an hour in some cases. While these pieces are long, there is one organ pie…Read More

  2. The 4 Most Impressive Organs in the World

    When it comes to organs, most people think about the giant instruments installed in grand cathedrals. With that being said, we do want to discuss a few of those! However, not all fantastic and interesting organs were installed in a church. Organs are renowned for their large size and their demanding requirements when it comes to playing them successfully, much less playing them well. Since every o…Read More

  3. Top Tips to Sight Reading Music

    When it comes to sight reading music, some musicians love the challenge and could work on it all day. For others, they dread hearing those words. Those of you who are terrified by sight reading music, we are here to help! Here are some of the top tips from Viscount Organs to keep in mind to help you sight read a bit easier. Practice Ahead of Time Obviously, you won’t have the music ahead of time…Read More

  4. Why Should Pianists Learn the Organ?

    If you are a musician, specifically a pianist, it’s likely that you have already developed a lifelong love of music and performance. Many musicians, especially those who are looking to expand their musical talents to another instrument, look to challenge themselves and grow. In fact, we have found that versatility in instruments can make stronger practice patterns, and it can open up new perform…Read More

  5. Interesting Facts About the Organ

    Thank you for joining us on the Viscount organ blog! If you’re you’re just joining us on our blog, lately we’ve been discussing a variety of topics including Headphones Do’s and Don’t’s of Digital Organ Playing, as well as the history of hymns and their structure and the many types of organs and more. We at Viscount love this ancient instrument and pride ourselves in offering the world…Read More

  6. Headphones Do’s and Don’ts for Digital Organ Playing

    Every digital organ that I have listened to over headphones (of any brand/quality) has sounded drastically different through headphones than through speakers into the room.  This has been my experience with Viscount, Allen, Rodgers, and Walker.  The difference is always significant and surprising.  Organ pipes were never meant to be inserted into the ear and then played, but that's what we are …Read More

  7. Hymn History & Structure

    History The word hymn originates from the Greek word for “a song of praise” and those who write hymns are know as hymnodists. Though there are many hymns from other cultures that have been written, such as those from ancient Egypt and the Jewish tradition, the hymns we will focus on today are those of the Christian tradition. As mentioned previously, hymns were sung by the early Christians in …Read More

  8. The Many Types of Organs

    Pump Organ Pump organs are one of the most portable early organs and were incredibly popular during the 19th century in small churches and homes. Sound is produced when air moves past a thin piece of metal, called a reed, which vibrates and creates sound. The organ player must continuously use foot pedals to pump air through the organ. Other types of pump organs include the lap organ, melodeon, ha…Read More

  9. Caring For Your Organ

    Have you just purchased your first organ or have you had your church organ for a while and are thinking that your instrument may need maintenance? Regardless, where you fall on the spectrum, it’s important that you consider the maintenance that your organ may need, because your instrument will only last and sound as good as the care it receives from you. Cleaning First, you should know how to cl…Read More

  10. Viscount North America Hires Technical and Tonal Director

      Viscount North America, and everyone at Viscount International welcomes our new Technical and Tonal Director, Robert Darnall of Allentown, PA. Robert comes to us with an extensive personal, educational, and professional background in music, electronics, organs, and the organ industry. He comes to us from a respected organ manufacturer. The new position Robert has is much more comprehensive…Read More