1. History of Church Music – Part 2

    What qualifies as church music? Where did church music come from and why is it the way it is today? For some, church music is a very familiar aspect of their culture due to their upbringing or lifestyle, but for others, it is not. Regardless of your exposure, music itself has greatly evolved over the centuries and so has church music in tandem. In one of a recent post, we began talking about the h…Read More

  2. History of Church Music

    Music has always been closely associated with religion, and the worship of the chosen deity or fundamental belief. The understanding behind the psychology of music and religion is a topic for another time, but should be taken into consideration when thinking about the running history that music and church music have had in tandem. When many think of organ’s, they generally associate it with Chri…Read More

  3. Church Organ Shoes Basics

    The church organ is a unique instrument in many ways due to its design, its history, and its sound. But there is yet another reason why it is a unique instrument: It requires special shoes to place it well. Organ shoes are specially designed to help the church organ player play the pedal keyboard well, and really those who want to be serious organists, must invest in organ shoes. Whether you want …Read More

  4. The Church Organ in Silent Film

    The church organ is an instrument that has been around for ages, making it one of the oldest instruments still played. The first variation of the organ occurred in Greece in the 3rd century BC as the hydraulis. The organ continued on through the ages with the Persian empire as the urghun and into the Byzantine Empire. The first organ with “leaden pipes” appeared in western Europe as a gift fro…Read More

  5. The Church Organ: A History

    The church organ is one of the oldest instruments still played by modern musicians. The first organ recorded was in Greece in the 3rd century: The word “organ” originates from the Greek word organon meaning “instrument” or “tool.” Ctesibius of Alexandria invented the organ, then called a hydraulis, which was operated through water pressure that created the needed wind pressure. The org…Read More

  6. Viscount Organs: Taking the Road Less Traveled

    Viscount’s motto is ‘One Family. One Brand.’  This not only signifies our dedication to our valued dealer network as family, but it also clearly states that the Viscount organ brand is everything to this company, and is only as good as the technologies and high-quality products we offer our customers. Clearly, with the creation of Physis® Physical Modeling Technology used in our digital or…Read More

  7. History of Church Organs

    True pipe organs are becoming increasingly rare, largely due to the massive expense associated with their construction, as well as the ease-of-use, repair, and longevity associated with digital church organs in the modern era. Yet, these classical church organs are, without a doubt, an irrefutably large part of what has influenced today’s church culture and customs in the Western world. Here is …Read More