Many want to be great at something, but don’t always know how to get there or don’t want to put in the needed effort. Playing your Viscount organ well is a process of self-discipline, dedication, and enjoyment. Here are some tips for practicing your Viscount organ like a pro:

Practice Tips for Your Viscount Organ

Practice Everyday

To not only get good at something, but to be exceptional at something, you have to consistently do it, and consistency means practicing everyday. Practicing everyday ensures muscle memory is retained, and the part of your brain that is used to play the organ stays fresh. To use the cliché analogy, playing your Viscount organ like a pro is much like a bicycle: You eventually ride your bike without any wobbles from balance problems because you spent hours of repetitive motion teaching your body how to balance.

Practice Better

Often people wonder why it takes them so long to get good at playing the organ, and it’s because they do not practice well. Practicing well means focusing on your practice session, having a plan, and picking a time to practice that will allow you to focus your full energies on your practice session.  

Have a Practice Plan

Having a systematic plan for each practice session can help you get more done in the same amount of time; you don’t have to spend time thinking about what you should try and accomplish when you could be playing. Also, a plan will help you with consistency, so you can make consistent progress. If you make a small goal with a larger goal in mind, you will go far.

Choose the Best Practice Time

It’s understandable that for many of us, with our busy schedules we have to fit our hobbies in where we can, but to be a pro at playing your Viscount organ you must set aside the best time: Meaning when you’re well rested and able to focus. Practicing when tired can lead to more mistakes, which will mean the need to correct those mistakes, and less time moving forward in your abilities.

Correct Mistakes

To play your Viscount organ well, and with any piece of music, you must correct your mistakes right when you make them: Stop and play through the mistake at a slower rate, adjusting your speed until you can play through that particular part of the music without error, then repeat that section 5-10 times. This will ensure correct muscle memory. If you make a mistake while repeating that section, start over. Though it can feel frustrating and boring, this is the only way to play your Viscount organ flawlessly.

Keep Practicing and Wait For the Breakthroughs

It takes time to do play at a professional level, and even to just play well. When you see little-to-no progress, even when you are practicing everyday and practicing well, it can be easy to get discouraged. Breakthroughs take time and are well worth the wait. Science has proven, time and time again, that consistent thought or action will lead to a change in thought, as well as your action and responses. Stay calm and practice on!  

Practice with Positivity

You can play your Viscount organ well! Do not think negative thoughts such as, “I will never get better,” because what we tell ourselves eventually becomes the truth that we know both consciously and subconsciously. Athletes who envision success, are statistically more likely to win and will achieve far greater a goal than they had originally achieved. It’s been shown that our brains will help us make less mistakes if we are positive and that we may surprise ourselves with what we can accomplish.

Want to Sound Like a Pro? Buy a Viscount Organ

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