Keep The Sound You Know And Love

We know, for most pipe organ owners, the idea of renovating or updating their organ is scary. Fears of losing those original pipes and that original sound can be overwhelming and are totally understandable. For one, you don’t want your current pipe organ infrastructure to be damaged or negatively affected during the process. After all, those pipes and that specific sound are what make your pipe organ yours!

When you work with Viscount Organs, you don’t have to worry. For one, we’re pipe organ specialists. No matter the size or scope of your project — whether you’re simply replacing a console, or you’re integrating a hybrid pipe organ system — we’ll execute your upgrade and ensure the integrity of your existing infrastructure in the process.

That’s right! We can completely replace your current pipe organ console without removing or reimagining the organ’s sound! Again, we’re deeply in tune with the composition and function of the pipe organ, so we’re able to take on your project in a way that improves and takes care of your pipe organ.

However, if you’d like to reimagine or improve the sound of your current organ, we can do that too. For one, we can turn your organ into a hybrid pipe organ by adding digitally-voiced pipes to your pipe organ. Or, we can completely overhaul your system to create a digitally-voiced organ.

The question is, how do we decide? And the answer is simple — we collaborate with you! That’s all there is to it. Obviously, each pipe organ and the space it’s located in are different. From the acoustics to the construction, each pipe organ system is unique, and should be treated as such. Before anything is constructed, and before anything is decided on, we’ll take the time to intimately understand your acoustic space and the organ you love. From there, we can decide whether a hybrid organ could benefit your space and fulfill your needs, and pair your improved organ with the perfect custom pipe organ console.

If you’re deciding to upgrade to a hybrid or digital organ, we’ll help you with that, too! In fact, Viscount Organs boasts the best digital organ voicing technology in the industry and even the entire world. Our patented Physis® Technology, paired with our Laurel Control System, Laurel Digital Voice System, and Laurel V.P.I.(Viscount Pipe Interface), will provide you with a digital pipe organ voice that works within your space, and is indiscernible from wind-blown pipes. Again, it all comes down to collaborating with you and our unique brand of expertise. Our understanding of the physics of acoustics, as well as our fundamental understanding of the pipe organ as an instrument, we can make some magic happen (well, it’s technically science, but you get the point).

What To Do If You Need A Pipe Organ Console Upgrade

If this has inspired you to upgrade your pipe organ’s console, or if you’ve been searching for the perfect resource to help you upgrade your existing console, all you need to do is contact us today! Our experts will be ecstatic to help you get your project on track, and provide your venue with the perfect pipe organ.