Viscount’s facilities are not located in grey and anonymous suburbs or in a nondescript industrial park, but instead in the charming town of Mondaino. While other western companies have moved their production to Eastern-European countries, Viscount’s organ factories and woodworking labs remain in Mondaino, where the quality is ceaselessly under careful watch in order to ensure our customers receive top quality organs. Viscount organ factories are eco-friendly, respect environmental standards, have state of the art precision tools and cutting techniques, and the working environment is secure and pleasing.


Viscount International SpA represents a unique example of an engineering and production center in Europe. But Viscount’s uniqueness does not only rely on fruitful technological improvement, but also on values and goals, pursued since a century by the Galanti family and its employees to make quality organs that unlike any other.

The keys to our challenge:

  • Steady development of DSP algorithms
  • Technological innovation
  • Integration of proprietary and open-source solution
  • Independent working groups that care for the musician’s need
  • Our future