1. Top Organ Pieces

    When it comes to finding a challenging organ piece to play, there are so many that are covered regularly. However, what are some of the top pieces, and what is it that makes them so great? Today, we’ve compiled some of our favorite organ works for you to learn to play on your new, Viscount digital organ. Read on to learn more and choose one that sounds challenging or interesting enough for you! …Read More

  2. Interesting Facts About the Organ – Part 5

    Today, we are going to close our blog series in which we’ve been sharing interesting facts about the organ. If you’ve been keeping up with our blog series, you will have read how the organ has been the center of many cultures across the world and throughout history. The organ, though similar to other keyboard instruments, is truly a unique mechanical masterpiece. Keep reading to learn a little…Read More

  3. Why Should Pianists Learn the Organ?

    If you are a musician, specifically a pianist, it’s likely that you have already developed a lifelong love of music and performance. Many musicians, especially those who are looking to expand their musical talents to another instrument, look to challenge themselves and grow. In fact, we have found that versatility in instruments can make stronger practice patterns, and it can open up new perform…Read More

  4. Interesting Facts About the Organ – Part 4

    If you’ve been staying up-to-date on our blog, you know that we have been doing a short blog series about interesting facts about the organ. The organ has been around for more than a thousand years in a variety of forms and until recently, has been the center of culture, whether at banquets and circuses or church ceremonies and Catholic mass. Though the organ isn’t still at the center of daily…Read More

  5. Interesting Facts About the Organ – Part 3

    The church organ hasn’t always been a part of organized religion. Originally the organ was the center of all culturally significant events such as banquets, games, and celebrations. The organ only made its way into the church 1100 years after the organ came to be. History shows that the organ in its earliest forms may have been in existence around 250 BCE. The fact that the organ has survived th…Read More

  6. Interesting Facts About the Organ – Part 2

    Though the organ has in the last hundred years fallen from mainstream popularity, up until the mid-late 1900s the organ has been adored by many across the world. If you’ve been following our blog you will have read that the organ actually has ancient origins, being first referenced at 246 BCE by Ctesibius of Alexandria and was a beloved instrument of ancient Rome and all across the Mediterranean…Read More

  7. Interesting Facts About the Organ

    Thank you for joining us on the Viscount organ blog! If you’re you’re just joining us on our blog, lately we’ve been discussing a variety of topics including Headphones Do’s and Don’t’s of Digital Organ Playing, as well as the history of hymns and their structure and the many types of organs and more. We at Viscount love this ancient instrument and pride ourselves in offering the world…Read More

  8. Headphones Do’s and Don’ts for Digital Organ Playing

    Every digital organ that I have listened to over headphones (of any brand/quality) has sounded drastically different through headphones than through speakers into the room.  This has been my experience with Viscount, Allen, Rodgers, and Walker.  The difference is always significant and surprising.  Organ pipes were never meant to be inserted into the ear and then played, but that's what we are …Read More

  9. Hymn History & Structure

    Hymns and organs go together like peanut butter and jelly. Most when they think of a an organ also think about hymns, as well. Why? Because though the organ has been used in all types of settings the most prominent use of the organ in recent modern history has been in the traditional churches in which every sabbath day, the congregation meets together and sings hymns as part of the worship service…Read More

  10. The Many Types of Organs

    The organ at its earliest conception is quite different than many of the various similar instruments that evolved from it and that we have today. What began as an instrument powered by water and played in Ancient Greece and Rome during races and games, has evolved greatly over the years. It has been enjoyed in many environments and musical genres, and during many years was the pinnacle of the mass…Read More