Viscount organs and electrical instruments have been praised for their quality and craftsmanship, a fact we owe entirely to our home in the comune (municipality) of Mondaino, Italy. While many church and digital organs have long been made in Eastern Europe for lower labor costs, it is our pride that Viscount’s facilities are not located in grey and anonymous suburbs or in a nondescript industrial park, but instead in this charming, deeply historic region; all of our factories and woodworking labs remain in Mondaino, where the quality is ceaselessly under control, in order to ensure our customers the best possible products. While many of our European fans have the ability to visit us in person, and thus see and feel Mondaino for themselves, our readers here may not.

About Mondaino

As is the case with many municipalities across Italy, Mondaino’s history is steeped in conflict, many of which are centuries long. Perhaps especially so because of Mondaino’s hilltop vantage point, once useful as a military stronghold, but today, best allows for beautiful views. Although, perhaps most famous for the 15th century conflict between the Malatesta and Montefeltro families, and deeply locked in ongoing conflict and peace treaties with nearby Rimini, Mondaino has traded allegiance and lordship many times. For those looking to experience the history of conflict here, there are a number of castles throughout the region that bear evidence to the once-strategic nature of Mondaino; most famously, that means Rocca Malatestiana, among the most intriguing across Italy.

Ever the rural hamlet, Mondaino, to this day, only has a population around 1,500 permanent residents but does see far more than that in tourism each year. Whether here to visit the secret passageways or spot the ghost in Rocca Malatestiana, gaze upon the famous architecture in Piazza Maggiore’s “frying pan” shape, or just taking in the views at one of the many local hotels, tourists find plenty to do (or not do) in the beautiful countryside.


Our impact

Obviously, with the small size of Mondaino’s population, Viscount International is a major employer in the region, and we are proud to say that the current reputation of the region has expanded to include musical instrument innovations. As we look toward our future as a company, so too comes the past, present, and future of this amazing region.

Pay us a visit sometime; you’ll be glad you came!