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Viscount Hybrid Organs

Empowering Today’s Organist

Patented Aural

Every Viscount organ has patented aural and Barometric Pressure Dual Tuning Method.

Simple Hookup

Hybrid Viscount organs are simple to set up.

Existing Console

You can install Viscount’s hybrid digital organ on an existing console or Install a new one.

A hybrid organ is a combination between a pipe organ and a digital organ. This combination can offer your church many different advantages. For example, you can replace your obsolete console with a, often less expensive, digital console. You also have the option of very simply adding extra voices to your current pipe organ.

Viscount Hybrid Organs Viscount has been a forerunner with the development and building of hybrid organs for decades. Viscount has a long history with building musical instruments and is very flexible on the construction of different installations by facing every exigent request. Our digital organs are equipped with the most advanced technology like Physis® and are designed to be perfectly interfaced with pipe organs using our V.P.I.(Viscount Pipe Interface), a special proprietary device that has been especially designed for this purpose.

We are also able to offer an exclusive patented solution that allow our digital organs to be always tuned with pipes organs. The notes emitted by pipe can slightly change because of ambient temperature variation. Our device is equipped with multiple sensors that detect minute environmental changes that affect pipe organ tuning. This information is used to tune the notes produced by the digital generation with those produced by pipes. This advanced technology has proven to be very reliable and fast, and been installed in organs worldwide.