Viscount Organs is one of the leading makers of digital organs and related accessories. The Viscount name has been manufacturing quality instruments in one form or another since the 19th century, and the same commitment to craftsmanship that guided the Galanti family in Italy continues to inspire our work today in North America. The 21st century ushered in a new era of organ playing and making, and Viscount offered premier Physis technology to meet these changing needs.

Here you’ll find expert insights into your Viscount products, celebratory news from Viscount, as well as technical information for your new digital organ. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments you may have about our products or our story.

  1. Music Trades Magazine Features Article on Viscount’s Success

    We are humbled and honored to have been featured in the December 2016 issue of Music Trades Magazine.  Music Trades is the music industry's leading insider publication for all musical merchandise companies in the world, and has been published without interruption since 1890. According to Music Trades... "With four basic product families [at Viscount], starting with the high-value Chorum series an…Read More

  2. Viscount Organ Service and Repair: Local, Simple, and Convenient

    Please use our ‘find a dealer’ page to search for your nearest authorized Viscount organ dealer. All of our authorized traditional and digital organ dealers are required to maintain competent service,  repair facilities, and staff. If you are unsure about who your authorized Viscount organ dealer is, or you’re in an area with limited coverage, please call our product support center for furt…Read More

  3. What is the warranty on a Viscount Organ?

    In order to provide fast, quality service, Viscount North America has US based parts and service support.  If you ever need any assistance, call your local dealer. If you are an independent technician, please contact our service department. Viscount covers defects on parts and materials for a period of 10 years from the date of purchase to the original purchaser. Any labor warranty is covered by,…Read More

  4. Can I attach a Viscount Organ to an Existing Pipe Organ?

    Absolutely.  Here are some great benefits of choosing Physis® Technology for your next hybrid organ project… Patented Tuning Technology- Viscount has one of the most sophisticated tuning systems available, which keeps your digital stops tuned with your pipes, no matter how far or how fast yours pipes may drift.  The tuning and interface systems of hybrid Viscount organs are patented technolog…Read More

  5. How Many Voices Does a Physis® Digital Organ Have Available?

    The library of our digital organ is currently just under 1200 voices, and the pipe models are universal across every Viscount organ model.  This means that no matter if you have the smallest two-manual, or the largest five-manual, you have access to the entire library of voices. And getting new voices is as easy as accepting an email attachment.  The Physis® model library is continuing to grow …Read More

  6. Physis® Technology vs. Sampled Sound Technology: What’s the difference?

    Sampled Sound Technology in our hybrid and digital organs records a sound and stores that information on a hard drive.  Each time you press a key, you are essentially performing the same function of hitting ‘play’ on a tape deck.  When you depress that key, you are hitting ‘stop’.  For as long as you own an instrument using sampled sound technology, the recording the manufacturer stored…Read More

  7. Viscount Organs: Taking the Road Less Traveled

    Viscount’s motto is ‘One Family. One Brand.’  This not only signifies our dedication to our valued dealer network as family, but it also clearly states that the Viscount organ brand is everything to this company, and is only as good as the technologies and high-quality products we offer our customers. Clearly, with the creation of Physis® Physical Modeling Technology used in our digital or…Read More

  8. North American Viscount Dealers: Just a Phone Call Away

    Finding your nearest Viscount organ dealer in North America is easy.  Simply visit our Find a Dealer page and enter your zip code.  If you are in an area of North America without local coverage on the map, give us a call directly. We have many associates throughout the continent who are our brand ambassadors for our Viscount organs. These individuals are authorized to represent and sell our prod…Read More

  9. Viscount Organs: The Digital Organ World’s Best Kept Secret

    Viscount Organs: The Digital Organ World's Best Kept Secret Often times, our Viscount organ customers in North America ask why they haven't heard of Viscount before. Viscount has been one of the largest manufacturers of high-quality digital organs for decades, but has been relatively unknown in North America, especially the US for two reasons: Italians are known for their intrinsic ability to crea…Read More

  10. Viscount North America: The Dawn of a New Era in the North American Organ Industry

    Viscount North America a division of Viscount International Spa. Viscount North America was formed to better serve churches, individuals, and institutions throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, and the island nations. We are not a third party Viscount organ distributor.  This helps us keep costs low, while maintaining an ultra high-quality product, and providing 1st class service to our de…Read More