1. Pulling Out All Of The Stops

    After a particularly impressive effort at work or on the playing field, or at the most climactic point in a film, you might have heard someone mention that “they pulled out all of the stops.” In common use, it’s considered high praise, but for church organ players, the phrase has a very different meaning. Viscount Organs will explore the origins of this common phrase in our latest blog post.…Read More

  2. The Church Organ In Film

    While many organists likely think of the instrument in the context of great performance halls or church settings, for the average listener, the church organ is distinctly tied to the soundtracks of popular media. In particular, film has shaped many people's understanding of the instrument and its use to convey drama, tension, and fear. While not nearly as prolific as the history of the instrument …Read More

  3. The World’s Oldest Playable Pipe Organ

    The pipe organ is an ancient instrument. Indeed, many agree that the first pipe organ was created by a Greek engineer in the 3rd Century BCE. While the appearance and the means by which it is powered has changed dramatically in the thousands of years since then, in many ways it still functions in the same way. Air is channeled through pipes causing them to create beautiful tones. But while this is…Read More

  4. Famous Organists: Charles-Marie Widor

    The church organ has a long and storied history, going back for hundreds of years. During that time, countless accomplished musicians have sat at the bench and played stirring music of all kinds for innumerable audiences. But during the tenure of this King of Instruments, there have been some musicians that have stood out as masters in their art. Our Next Installment Viscount Organ has already hig…Read More

  5. The King Of Instruments

    The church organ is an iconic instrument. It’s nearly impossible not to imagine an organ inside of any of the great churches or basilicas of the world. The two are almost perfectly interlinked. The grand size and imposing sounds of the church organ have earned it the title of “King of Instruments” from many. But what makes this wonderous wind instrument the monarch of music? Join Viscount Or…Read More

  6. Organs At The Front Lines

    When we think about the music of the Second World War, often we think of ragtime, and big band jazz, and of course, thumping marching band music. It’s hard not to have Glenn Miller’s “American Patrol” playing along in your head when you think about the service members of WWII. But for many soldiers and sailors in WWII, music was not a luxury they got to enjoy every day. They might only hea…Read More

  7. Overcoming Your Nerves Before Performance

    Right before you go on stage, you are probably going through what you will do once you are finally in front of everyone. Hopefully, you are imagining things going well! We know that there can be a lot of pressure when playing the church organ in front of a large group, especially if there are people in the audience who mean quite a bit to you. As you start to feel that nervousness creep into your …Read More

  8. Re-Learning an Instrument in Adulthood

    How many people take music lessons at a young age, only to drop the instrument and focus more on careers or family in adulthood? The answer is, quite a lot! If this is the case for you, and you’ve found yourself wanting to get back into the instrument, we have some things for you to consider! Let’s get you back in musical shape. Find the Right Instructor Many music instructors are only accusto…Read More

  9. Interesting Facts About the Organ – Part 3

    The church organ hasn’t always been a part of organized religion. Originally the organ was the center of all culturally significant events such as banquets, games, and celebrations. The organ only made its way into the church 1100 years after the organ came to be. History shows that the organ in its earliest forms may have been in existence around 250 BCE. The fact that the organ has survived th…Read More

  10. Viscount Organs: Tradition, Passion, and Technology Combined

    Church organs are unique instruments. Not only are they centuries old - or, if their origin instruments are considered, millennia old - but they also have endured through western culture ever since their introduction. Organs were and still are central to many churches’ worship services and found their way into secular culture and music, as well. Organs are also unique in their sheer size, as wel…Read More